Blondine's love of children has involved her in various fields and trainings: What Babies Want, Parenting with Humour, relationships, supporting hopes & dreams, honouring moms so they can nurture their babes, ECE Waldorf teacher, Simplicity Parenting Coach & now Counselor. Blondine is a certified Pre and Perinatal Birth Attachment Therapist through Kutenai Institute. She assists in National Pre and Perinatal trainings. In all of this she has found the quality of presence, simplicity and the magic of the pause to be her best tools.
A) Preparing for a new coming: We know now the importance for the baby in wound time under his Mother's heart. How important it is to clear & release as many memories and experiences that proceeded this next coming . Is this not the greatest de-cluttering of all?
B) Birth & Attachment: Process Group Have you ever wondered if your birth or pre and perinatal experience affected the way you live your life? Early illnesses, separations, family circumstances, birth trauma and loss can affect how we form our ideas about relationships with self and others. If you would like more ease and empowerment. THEN THIS GROUP MAY BE FOR YOU.
Our earliest imprints are formed pre-verbally and may set the template for our relationships for the rest of life. In this small safe gentle group, you will learn to work somatically, emotionally and cognitively with these initial imprints so early trauma and limiting beliefs can be powerfully untangled and re-patterned for optimal presence and health. Group is limited to 4 participants. Individual Sessions & Group Sessions are created by demand, just ask .
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