Blondine is a Mother of 7, grandmother of 8 (so far) and has always been with and around children. (ECE Waldorf teacher , Simplicity Parenting Coach & Counsellor, trained in What Babies Want, etc.). These experiences granted her many opportunities to find the humour in everyday life.

Born the last of 11 in Bouctouche, New Brunswick, she remembers being thirsty and curious about life. What does it mean to be human, how do you live a good life?

Assisting for years in various transformative workshops and Body Mind Therapy trainings has helped Blondine to develop ease in holding space, listening and creating a safe environment for emerging clowns. This lifetime journey contributed to creating her business: The Heart Nose and the healing power of laughter.

In all of her work she seeks the quality of Presence in all she does. She is a member of the clown team Nose to Nose of NA. She teaches Inner Clowning & Playful Presence internationally. What she is able to do: hold a safe and heart-filled space for all Human Beings returning to Innocence & Wonder.

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Blondine sitting in field