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Simplicity parenting

Past workshops

Not so much with babes now but with their parents. Her love of children, lightening up and following hopes and dreams remains a constant theme. What can she do? Hold a safe and heart filled space for parents to get together and remember their dreams and values. Making small doable changes brings them from human doings to human beings. She especially welcomes dads and celebrates yummy mistakes with humour. Her intention is to build bridges: between parents, parents and their children, teachers and students and all those who truly care about the well being of childhood . She can also accompany individual families finding their way home as a certified simplicity parenting counselor.
*** SP workshops far & wide - Mexico, Malta, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, and soon BC, France, Norway. *** Just ask and I will come.


    • Jennie

      This workshop held a few very important steps for me:  honestly looking at how I feel about my home life, communicating efficiently, identifying dissatisfactions, imagining a solution and implementing small changes in our family.  Working through these things as a group was important as we listened and helped each other along the way.  Our leader, Blondine Maurice, helped us align the hopes and dreams we had for our family to be better reflected in our present life.  She encouraged us to celebrate our successes and talk about our failures....through all paths there is learning in the human experience of parenting.

    • Jennifer

      Taking the Simplicity Parenting course has changed our family life dramatically.  Our three boys (twin 4 year olds and an 8 year old) attend regular public school.  I was a little sceptical about working with Waldorf families; however, I felt immediately welcomed and was able to work within my own belief system.  This course put me back “on course”; I have rediscovered and implemented my original core family values.  I am so grateful for the teacher, the book and the families of this course.

    • Elisabeth

      The beauty of this course was having time each week to examine a different aspect of my family's life and to see what is not serving the fullest potential of my child. It gave me ideas and tools for creating a harmonious and sacred daily living experience that I have already enjoyed the fruits of and will continue to work with for years to come. Our leader Blondine brought more than an expertise in simplicity parenting to the group, but a deep and rich understanding of the many dimensions of childhood itself that makes clear how important this work is for our children.

    • Dave

      The challenges to the modern family today are massive. Pressure from the outside world, adult content unfiltered at every turn - as a business person who travels, the biggest challenge is to make sure my family moves with rhythm and love. This course beautifully outlined all the things that were itching in the back of my head - things I was doing I KNEW were wrong but wasn't doing enough about. M. Blondine allowed our group to bond in a way I hadn't thought possible. And the real secret treasure was taking the time to be with my wife, working on our family together- what can be better than that? Simplicity Parenting was a true gift - I can only hope I can convince everyone I know to read the book and participate - the world needs it.

    • Myriam

      Mamie Blondine had already taken it upon herself to visit our home when we first joined Rudolph Steiner in Montreal and gave us some very sound advice about redirecting our energies in a more positive way that could ultimately benefit all of our family. She is a brilliant Waldorf educator and mentor.

      Simplicity Parenting added the touches needed to compliment an already burgeoning new beginning for the Mavros-Watson family, my family.

      I hope that what I have gained from the wonderful Simplicity workshop will have a long and positive influence on my family. We all learnt a great deal from each others experiences, pitfalls, joys, and on occasions, some heartfelt tears from parents that are just simply overwhelmed with it all.

      I find that as time passes after the workshop, the doable changes gain in strength as they are implemented in the rhythm of our family lifestyle. My children enjoy these changes even though they have a much easier time with them than my husband and I at times.

      you to all of the wonderful families who gave me a glimpse into their lives, and Mamie Blondine who made us feel that it will all be OK!

    • Julie

      I love how Simplicity Parenting in general, and especially in group work, encourages you to celebrate every step, even the smallest of steps, toward creating a life for your family that is in line with your values, not someone else's.

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