Inner Clown Facilitator Blondine & The Heart Nose 

About the Heart Nose:

Blondine is a Mother of 7, grandmother of 8 (so far) and has always been with and around children. (ECE Waldorf teacher, Simplicity Parenting Coach & Counsellor, trained in What Babies Want, etc.). These experiences granted her many opportunities to find the humour in everyday life.

 Born the last of 11 in Bouctouche, New Brunswick, she remembers being thirsty and curious about life. What does it mean to be human, how do you live a good life?Assisting for years in various transformative workshops and Body Mind Therapy training has helped Blondine to develop ease in holding space, listening and creating a safe environment for emerging clowns. This lifetime journey contributed to creating her business: The Heart Nose and the healing power of laughter.

In all of her work, she seeks the quality of Presence in all she does. She is a member of the clown team Nose to Nose of NA. She teaches Inner Clowning & Playful Presence internationally. What she is able to do: hold a safe and heart-filled space for all Human Beings returning to Innocence & Wonder.Testimonials to a Great Experience! - Blondine & The Heart Nose - Inner Clown Workshops

Below are Testimonials to a Great Experience!

    • In the moment

      Ken Martin, Therapist: “What I learned is: whatever you think is going to happen...it doesn’t, so relax into the moment.”

    • Humourous
      Lilith Swetland, Executive Assistant to the Registrar: “Two days of clowning was a gentle and humorous way to see my Self - ethos and pathos at work (not to mention ego!) - and instead of crying, I laughed.”
    • The unknown
      Eric Treijs, body worker: “The clowning workshop was an opportunity to step into the unknown for me. I passed through the fear and found myself learning how to be with people without pretending to be anyone and the best part—belly laughing all the way! What a great way to learn and grow.”
    • The magic
      Thomas Loh, Architect: “Through tender steps, the journey leaves us in bare-naked beauty that we just are. One is reminded of a familiar path... relaxing into the magic of laughter, effortlessly.“
    • Yumminess

      Danielle Labonte, mother, language teacher, lover of dance: “Shedding layers and masks has allowed me to accept myself and others. I let IT come to me or not: that is all O.K. ... I stretched myself into yumminess, therefore trusting myself and others more.”

    • Innocense
      Sandy Anderson:“Thank you Blondine for a perfect get away space, a welcome escape from the clutters of Left Brain. How wonderful to see our natural being: popping, oozing and floating out in such stunning majesty and innocence.”
    • Funny

      Birgit Wolf: “Blondine's work shop was a wonderful gift to my "whole self", that part of me that often lies dormant in my daily life.
      I love to go beyond words, and that is exactly what we did all week end. What a bonding and precious experience to have had with other people!
      Blondine encouraged us with such refinement and simplicity to be whole, real, soft, vulnerable, present, conscious and touching. And as a natural result of that we were FUNNY!! And also we were so lovable! I fell in love with the “pure humaneness" of all the participants. Blondine kept a wonderful safe space for us all and I will always be grateful to her for what I experienced that week end! I recommend this work shop to anyone who is willing to understand what it means to truly be a human being and finds joy in sharing this beingness with others.